If you can't launch the game because it appears to be loading indefinitely, please follow this tutorial.

While this might not always be the case, this problem often appears when the game is closed with the Alt+F4 method. The game save may get broken because of the insufficient amount of time necessary to create a save file.

Fortunately, backup save files are created regularly and in this guide, we'll help you to restore backup save files.

Copy your save files

Start by creating a backup copy of your game files. Go to the save folder here:

%userprofile%\appdata\locallow\Eremite Games\Against the Storm

And copy all contents of this folder to a new folder on your drive, so that you can access them in case the solution doesn't help.

Recover save files

Go back to the save files folder:

%userprofile%\appdata\locallow\Eremite Games\Against the Storm

If some of the files have "_Backup" appended to their names, you should be able to restore them. Before proceeding, make sure you copied your save files (as described previously).

Now, delete the basic version of the save file (e.g. MetaSave.save) and change the name of the backup version (MetaSave_Backup.save) to the basic version. 

The "MetaSave_Backup.save" should now be called "MetaSave.save".

Launch the game

Try launching the game once again. If you continue to experience the loading problem, recover the "_Backup" files for other save files (e.g. Save.save)

This should solve the problem. If not, please reach out to us via support ticket or on Discord.

May the storm be gentle on you,

Eremite Games